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Salads Don’t Have To Be Boring
Salads Don't Have to be Boring

Turns out you can make friends with salad after all! Bring your friends and family down to Made by the Hill to try out the best salads on offer.

Contrary to popular belief, you can in fact make friends with salad.

Not only are salads full of fibre and other important vitamins, they are part and parcel to maintaining a balanced, healthy diet. A poor diet can lead to health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and even mental issues like depression, according to the Australian Department of Health. Unfortunately, not many people are quick to choose a salad when presented with so many cheat day ideals. What they don’t know is that they’re missing out – we don’t mean to be corny, but salads simply can’t be beet.

Lettuce find out just what salads Made by the Hill has to offer that will have you saying “I feel great from my head tomatoes” (to my toes – get it?).

Caesar Salad

There it is, the ultimate classic. Eating a caesar salad in a library would immediately get you kicked out – not because food isn’t allowed, but because the crunching of crisp cos lettuce and toasted croutons would echo through the ears of every librarian in town.

At Made by the Hill we put a little “oomph” in our caesar in the form of crispy bacon bits, amplifying the crunch factor as well as the saltiness of the parmesan and dressing. This is truly a salad to end an empire.

Salmon Salad

Salmon is one of the best possible sources of a nutrient known as Omega-3. If that sci-fi spaceship-sounding name doesn’t have you looked already, the benefits of it will. Omega-3s have been attributed to improvements in the following, according to Mr Vitamins:

  • Cardiovascular health,
  • Cholesterol levels,
  • Memory and cognition,
  • And the health of joints, bones and skin.

Our salmon salad stars the carefully grilled fish with fresh tomato, green beans, and salty olives. New potatoes and boiled egg add richness and texture to the dish, which is then completed with Dijon mustard dressing. Round it out with some fruit in a cheeky midday sangria and dig in!

BBQ Beef Salad

Succulent beef is marinated in smokey-sweet barbecue flavours and served on a bed of peppery rocket. Crisp cucumber and sharp cherry tomatoes keep the dish lively and exciting. A selection of herbs and spicy sesame dressing finish the dish, rounding out the flavours to hit every spot of your tongue.

So, next time you’re feeling peckish, head over to Made by the Hill for a healthy salad that will show off just how great your taste is – you’ll be making friends in no time.

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