A Look at the Best Melbourne Cup Moments Over the Years
A Look at the Best Melbourne Cup Moments Over the Years

What are your favourite stories to come out of the years of racing at the Melbourne Cup? Today, we reflect on the tales, or rather, tails that excite us!

Are you starting to get excited for the Melbourne Cup? No matter which horse ends up winning, there’s no losing during this event! There’s always something fun going on whether you’re at the track or celebrating at a party at Made By the Hill. Friends, fashion and excitement – that’s what these races are all about.

We always get nostalgic at this time of year thinking about all the past races and unforgettable moments. So today, we want to take some time to reminisce on the best moments of the Melbourne cup we’ve seen to date. Let’s go.

Phar Lap: 1930

First we have to take you back, way back, to the 1930 Cup when Phar Lap trotted onto the track. This horse was the champion for the people – the hero who’s spirit couldn’t be brought down, even with a 62.5 kilogramme handicap. A hero so ferocious, that he had gangsters shooting at him during practice just a couple days before the race. Despite this threat, Phar Lap won the Cup with ease.

Media Puzzle: 2002

If you love an emotional tale, then you’ll have fun reminiscing on this story. Jockey of Media Puzzle, Damien Oliver will always be remembered as he crossed the finish line in first place, arm extended pointing to the heavens in honour of his brother who had passed a week before Perth. The crowd roared and the scene quickly became emotional for all. Oliver was quoted saying that he would give it all back if he could have his brother instead, a sentiment that sends shivers down your spine.

Makybe Diva: 2005

Who can ever forget the Cup’s first trifecta? In 2005, Makybe Diva raced on to win her third victory, a feat which many thought would be impossible by her third time around. But she proved the haters wrong. This win was even more miraculous as she rode with a handicap – she was the first house since 1969 to win carrying more than the weight-for-age handicap (an extra 0.5kg).

Are you starting to feel the pre-race jitters yet? We are too and we’re looking forward to seeing what memorable moments this year brings. Come join us for some delicious cocktails and food at our bar and let’s celebrate together.


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