How to get the perfect shot of your food for Instagram

Craft the best photo possible of the greatest burgers in Western Sydney. Follow these top tips and tag us in your pics on Instagram!

In 2017, photos of food are like currency – most of us are constantly sharing glimpses into our diets on Instagram. As of the time of writing, the #food hashtag on Instagram had over 2 billion posts, and that count increased by 500 photos in the space of five minutes. However, with so many other people snapping their favourite burgers and cocktails, how can you stand out of the crowd?

Here are some tips to get the best shots of your #food for Instagram.

Play with angles

Don’t just rely on one angle for every photo! A great rule of thumb when picking your angle is to follow the chef’s direction. Essentially, if a dish is built with vertical layers – or you’re showing off your drink – go for a 45 degree angle looking down onto food. Meanwhile, if your avocado toast has great horizontal interest, a top-down shot will better showcase its glory.

That said, don’t shy away from getting up close to your food though. A macro-style shot on the slightest detail can put a new spin on your meal, adding intrigue and encouraging wonder.

Get the lighting right

When it comes to food photos, natural lighting is always ideal. With full sun, colours show truly and shadows are cast organically, making the food seem more authentic.

However, when you’re in a busy restaurant you might not always be able to get to the nearest window (or it may be past sun-down!). So, do your best to simulate natural light. Grab your friend’s phone, switch on the torch, and shine that light through some white fabric – it could be a napkin or your t-shirt. This way, the light is diffused and you don’t end up with harsh, unflattering light like you would with flash.

Frame your food mindfully

Food photography isn’t always about full factual detail. It’s an art, and all art is open to interpretation – right? So, consider cropping your photos to focus on some of the more enticing part of your dish, and don’t worry about leaving other things out. If you’re out with friends and taking a photo of the entire spread, leave some plates pushing out the edges. Create a mystery with your food.

For an easy solution to framing, turn on Instagram’s camera grid and apply the rule of thirds – that means aligning focal points along the grid lines which divide the image into three horizontally and vertically.

Never over-filter

Instagram filters are great – they can raise a lifeless photo from the grave sometimes. But when it comes to food, filters have a good chance of either draining colour or over-saturating, making the dish look dull or artificial.

If you’ve found a filter you like, use the slider to tone it down. Remember, less is more.

Otherwise, download a third party editing app such as VSCO or Afterlight for finer tuning of your photo.

Get those shares

Once you’ve taken your stand-out photo at Made by the Hill, pop it on Instagram and don’t forget to tag and follow us! We’re at @madebythehill #madebythehill and @churburgerrootyhill and are always excited to see how your artistic minds portray our food

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