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We’ve all been there. Waking up in bed in last night’s clothes, hugging a bottle of water after a big night. One thing is certain, however: You now have a raging hangover.

The hangover is usually an unavoidable part of a fun night out with friends – or is it? Well, you probably can’t completely get rid of it, but you can dull the pain! How, you wonder? With food! The hangover is usually an unavoidable part of a fun night out with friends – or is it? Sure, you might have grabbed some late night greasy pizza or fried chicken, but there are some other foods you can nosh on the next day that will make you feel better too.

Check them out:

Chicken noodle soup

And you thought it was just a cure for the flu! Chicken noodle soup is loaded with sodium, water and cysteine (a nutrient that helps the liver) – a winning combination of ingredients help your head. It doesn’t hurt that it’s the ultimate comfort food as well.


Oh, avocado – what can’t you cure? You probably didn’t need another reason to tuck into the avo, but we’ll give it to you anyway! This superfood is filled with fibre, B6 and healthy fats. You can practically taste the love – the only question is, will you go with smashed avo on toast, or just go right for the guac?


Nothing is easier than whipping up a some eggs first thing in the morning (even when you have a hangover). Eggs also have cysteine and other essential nutrients that help break down the chemicals that are left in your body from alcohol. Combine the beans, egg and guac and you have a delicious breakfast burrito!


Adding beans to the mix practically makes a full recipe for a breakfast burrito. Beans have magnesium in them which helps any muscle cramping or post-drinking anxiety that you might experience.

Foods to avoid

We also just wanted to share a quick note on food you should avoid – and it might surprise you… When it comes to curing hangovers, you actually want to skip the greasy foods. Yes that leftover pizza, bacon and burgers might seem like the answer, but they aren’t! Instead, you want to reach for fatty meals. Fats are easily confused with grease, but you want lean fats that won’t drip down your hand as you eat them.

So what’s your new go-to hangover cure going to be?

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