5 Types of People You Will Run Into at the Races
5 types of people you will run into at the races

Whether you’ll be watching from Sydney or travelling all the way to Melbourne, keep an eye out for these five race day stereotypes.

At any event there are certain types of people who will make you either smile or roll your eyes. The Melbourne Cup is no exception. If you’re lucky enough to make it down to Flemington for this year’s Melbourne Cup, or if you’re celebrating right here in Western Sydney, keep an eye out for the stereotypes.

There are five types of people you’re bound to see at this year’s Melbourne Cup – and chances are, you could be one of them!

People who misunderstood “dress up”

We all know by now that you’re supposed to dress up for the Melbourne Cup. But a few people every year seem to have confused “dress fancy” with “fancy dress”. In previous years, Australia’s biggest racing event has been visited by men dressed as both jockey and horse, wearing superhero-print suits, or even as a team of doctors (that one’s a mystery).

These guys are usually just there for a great time. You can certainly argue they’re lowering the tone, but it’s clear they’ve got a good sense of humour and they make you smile, don’t they?

The experts of Australian racing

If this was high school, these guys would be the nerds. But this is the world of Australian racing and here, so they’re more like kings (or queens!). These are the people who, for whatever reason, seem to know everything about racing. Either they’re dedicated punters or fancy themselves as high society.

If you’re after an in-depth conversation and maybe a little betting advice, these are the people to cosy up to.

High society for a day

There are a lot of celebrities and wealthy personalities at major events like the Melbourne Cup, but it’s also open to the public. Many people of all ages love to dress up to the nines and head on down to Flemington just to experience that wealthy equestrian lifestyle for a day.

You can usually tell who these people are by their H&M dresses or screams when they see celebrities walking by. They’ll be making the most of the flowing champagne and gourmet hors d’oeuvres. These guys know they’re not high society – but that doesn’t stop them from enjoying life in the lap of luxury for a day, as it shouldn’t!

Social media junkies

Social media junkies have travelled out to the raceway to watch the races in person – just through the cameras on their phones. Whether it’s live on Snapchat, or they’re updating their Instagram story every two minutes, junkies won’t be putting their phone down all day.

They’ll be dressed the part, of course – social media junkies are all about maintaining that online image. You may roll your eyes at them, but this is just their own way of making memories.

The gatecrashers

The Perch is Flemington’s number one destination for anyone who wants to be in amongst the best of the best. With tickets going up to $2,200 per person this year, you better expect people will be trying to get in as cheaply as possible. Gatecrashers will be a few drinks in, and they will be trying their best to boogie past the bouncers at the Birdcage.

Good on them for trying, but being a gatecrasher is a good way to get yourself kicked out.

Even if you can’t make it to Flemington this year, head on down to Made by the Hill for our Melbourne Cup 2017 celebrations. Grab your complimentary bubbly, settle down around a platter of your choice, and have a great time with us!

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