3 Non-Negotiable Rules of Race Day
3 Non Negotiable Rules of Race Day - The Feed

Think you know your race day etiquette? Make sure you’re clued in and follow these three simple rules at this year’s Melbourne Cup.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Melbourne Cup is right around the corner. As the event (and the horses) gets closer, you should be preparing yourself to have the time of your life. Avoid the drama this year by staying in the know about race day etiquette.

Here are three rules to follow at the Melbourne Cup this year.

1. Dress the part

Anyone can tell you the Melbourne Cup is as much about the outfits as it is the horses. When it comes to dressing for the races, throw fashion out the window. The Melbourne Cup is all about a time-honoured dress and a well-fitted suit. Leave the denim and black and white Nikes in the closet and class it up a little.

When you’re planning your race day outfit, remember that classic is the way to go. That doesn’t mean you should dress like you’re visiting your grandmother – throw in a twist of your own, be it a flash of millennial pink or your favourite pattern, to keep it contemporary.

Ladies, aim for knee-length dresses and open toe shoes. If you’re not used to Melbourne’s volatile weather, you may not realise quite how important it is to bring something to cover up with when the sky turns grey. And remember, a fascinator is essential!

Gents, see a tailor. Really. A suit is only worth anyone’s time if it’s well-fitted. Don’t go too obnoxious with your colours – but accessorise with a button-hole flower to stand out from the crowd.

2. Don’t drink too much

This should be a given, but sometimes it can be hard to say when you’re surrounded by amazing wine. No one is telling you not to drink, of course (unless you’re driving home). Just remember to pace yourself.

Alternate your drinks between water and wine, and make sure you’re eating.

3. Chill out, have fun

There are two points to this one. The first – yes, there will be celebrities there. The celebs are there to have a good time though – not to take selfies with you! Keep your cool when you see the heartthrob of your choice.

The second part just comes down to making sure you don’t stress the small stuff. You should also be there to have a good time, so as long as you’re looking hot and feeling cool, don’t worry about what anyone else is thinking.

If you aren’t lucky enough to make it all the way to Flemington Racecourse this year, our bartenders at Made By The Hill will be more than happy to take care of you. Come on down and watch the races right from your local eatery.

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